Picking The Perfect BBQ

25/05/2016 Main

It's summertime in my part of the world and that means BBQ and cold beer as far as I am concerned. Nothing is more satisfying than a nice piece of barbecued chicken or beef or shrimp if you can get it! And it provides the perfect opportunity for the family to gather together and a chance to invite friends around for a social gathering. Of course, if you do that you want to have a flash barbecue to show off. So let’s have a look at the various types and see which would best suit your needs! (You can find much more info about BBQ grills and barbecuing in general here: BBQ and BBQ Grills ) Read more

Love Local Food

11/05/2016 Main

Something I have adhered to before is my passion for home grown, locally produced food and in addition to this I am also a great animal lover. I think these two ideals often go hand in hand and as a result I try not to consume a lot of meat and when I do I buy free range and organic wherever possible. Growing up my mom was a vegetarian and she had a great love for animals so I guess she has been my role model. My grandmother has always had lots of dogs, cats, chickens and ducks running around and also grows lots of her own vegetables. From a young age I developed a respect for animals and homegrown produce. Read more

Our Shepherds hut

14/04/2016 Main

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. I have lots of exciting new ventures to share with you since we last spoke. Read more

Some simple recipes

06/04/2016 Main

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog. So one of my many passions and hobbies in life is cooking. I have never been a skilled baker or a culinary champion but I have always had a love for good food. Over time I have come up with lots of simple and tasty recipes that I will always fall back on and use. So for today’s entry I thought I would introduce to a few of these ideas. Something I love to make is different dips and dressings. My reason for this is that they can take the simplest of dishes and change it from boring and bland to zingy and exciting in a simple dollop or drizzle.  They are also something you can make in advance and store in your fridge, and they will also keep for a good few days afterwards. Read more

Healthy and sustainable living: Buying a green house

22/03/2016 Main

Hi my beloved blog fans! Soala here again. How are you all today? I am very well, keeping busy in my home and garden! I guess that is no surprise as I have a blog dedicated to such things. I guess I am just really passionate about having a nice home and garden for myself and others to enjoy. I feel that it is about making the most of what you have and about enjoying the environment around you. I mean don’t get me wrong I love to get away from things every now and again but I just think that it is more worthwhile improving the space that you spend most of your time, creating somewhere that you enjoy and want to be in rather than always longing to be somewhere better. I think creating a home is all about making something that you feel comfortable in but that also reflects your own sense of style and personality. It is about creating something that actually works for you and that is practical. I really like the idea of creating my own oasis that has everything I need. Read more

Indian Spiced Potatoes with Chicken Thighs

10/03/2016 Main

Hi, hope you are all well. I have had a very busy week! I decided to throw a dinner party at my home which was very hectic but so much fun! I love entertaining people in my home but it is very hard work! What I love most is cooking for people, it is something I really enjoy and take great pride in. My mother was a very good cook and taught me a lot of what I know about Indian spices and flavours but since then I have learnt to experiment, creating new and interesting dishes that you would not usually find within traditional Indian cuisine. I guess traveling a lot in my early twenties has a lot to do with this as I was able to experience different flavours and cuisines that were very different to what I grew up with.  Anyway, my friends were very impressed with one of the dishes I made at my dinner party, in fact they really could not get enough of it! So I thought it would be a nice idea to share the recipe on here. Read more


Kulfi junkie

01/02/2016 Main

New Washing Machine

25/01/2016 Main

Hello all of you. My home and garden blog is about to take into the wonderful and exciting world of washing machines! Unfortunately ours has decided that it doesn’t want to be our friend any longer, so now begins the process of finding another! It has done up proud though and lasted nearly ten years, so we can’t really complain. It has got me thinking though about perhaps trying to find a machine that is second-hand, or at least nearly new, as it would be good to try and save some money. Read more


My Favourite Indian Sweets

22/12/2015 Main

My Favourite Indian Sweets Read more


New Air Conditioning unit for the home

17/12/2015 Main

New Air Conditioning unit for the home Read more


Aloo patta gobhi sabzi

07/12/2015 Main

Aloo patta gobhi sabzi Read more


Bottle Gardens

30/11/2015 Main

Bottle Gardens Read more


Welcome to my Home & Garden Blog

23/11/2015 Main

Hi I’m Soala and this is my blog on Home & Garden. Read more